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 Nouvel interview de Mike Scott - 15 mars 07

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MessageSujet: Nouvel interview de Mike Scott - 15 mars 07   Sam 17 Mar - 13:02

This is our first interview we have done since the site opened today!
Phinius gage are a four piece band from Brighton in England. Just about to release KKKK (four K) rated album "Seek Out Your Foes" on Monday. We managed to get an interview over myspace with the lovely Mike!

Firstly, can you explain who I am talking to, your postition in the band?
my name is mike - i am the bassist and sometimes vocalist in this band...

For someone has never heard you before, what genre would you place yourselves in?
melodic hardcore is a nice way of describing it i think. hardcore, fast punk, whatever you want really...

What is the name Phinius Gage all about? I hear it's soemthing to do with Psychology?
it is indeed...named after a guy from the 19th century in america called phineas gage...look him up on wikipedia Wink

The new album Seek Out Your Foes got four Ks in Kerrang. Is that a big acheivment do you think?
yes! considering you only usually get good reviews if you are the 'right' band, with label backing.....but, then, we are very proud of the album, so i guess we are more happy than surprized...

How well do you hope for it to do in the UK? It is released on Monday the 19th March.
we will see i guess Wink

You say you left all your gear in Austria, what's the story there then?
ahhhhhhhhhh....well we just touring in austria...played a show in graz one night, and we were on the way to vienna the next day...when a bit of the engine of our van fell out, burst our tyre and sent the van off the road...the van was completely fucked, and we were told would never work, we stored all our stuff with a friend, and got flights home! sad, cos we have had to cancel some UK shows because of it...

Was it a bit of a disapointment having to cancel a few gigs because of this?

its always a disappointment, and you feel bad for the promoters who work hard to whore the shows...but that is the way with underground music i guess, its built on a very brittle framework!

Who's the best band to tour with?
there's a band in the uk, who are touring europe this month actually, called failsafe...legends of men...great band, lovely to tour with..go listen to them!

Is there any cool stories from tours you want to share?
i have to share one where matt was desperate for a piss - really desperate....we finally got to a truck stop, somewhere in belgium i think, but had trouble finding a parking space...he couldn't wait any longer, so he decided to do a commando, A-team style jump out of the passenger door...but we were still going like 10km an hour...we just saw his mangled body out of the wing mirror disappear under the van...blood, ripped jeans, everything...amazing...and, of course, cos he was busy being in pain, we all got to piss before him anyway.

Is there any venues you haven't played yet, but really want to? Festivals do count!
so so many! every festival is great...the culture of festivals in the summer in mainland europe is just something to be proud of. we will always play any that we get offered!

Do you remember your first gig? What was that like?
me personally - it wasn't with phinius gage! it was with a very talentless indie band when i was 17, in the back streets of croydon, in south london...a learning curve Wink

How have you progressed as a band since then? In a musical and a personal sense? well you progress with every tour you do...get better at playing together, coping with touring in a van, long drives etc etc
it takes quite a long time to become a good touring band i guess!

Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to the readers?
yes. please have a listen at then love us and buy the album...
merci madame Smile

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Nouvel interview de Mike Scott - 15 mars 07
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