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the FFL
the FFL

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MessageSujet: My First Blog - And the most worthwhile thing to look   Mer 21 Mar - 16:18

19 mars 2007, 09:00

I was stunned when I was reading the London Metro this morning that there has been an estimated 655,000 to 1 million deaths more than would have been expected had Iraq not been invaded.

Well, I know statistics are there to manipulate, and I know that everyone has an opinion on this. And I don't know enough about situations involving disease and stuff, that have killed people over there. I'm not a preaching man.

But, there have been around 60,000 civilian deaths in Iraq as a DIRECT result of military intervention in Iraq, according to No fictional additions, no manipulation of figures. This is a real, real minimum number – read their FAQs for more information.

So, there is no point in discussing the merits of these '1 million deaths' numbers that are thrown up in the air, cos none of us here have the background information. But, even the smallest numbers are scary.

Compare this with the fact (and this is according to WIKIPEDIA no less) that the UK suffered 67,800 civilian deaths over the WHOLE OF WORLD WAR II, including the Blitz, and everything.

Fuck all to do with punk rock, acoustic music, or me, but the only truly worthwhile blog I have probably ever written. I am not willing to discuss it at length, and I don't suppose my opinion on the whole matter is remotely relevant, but I think sometimes we spend too long talking about what band has sold out, who posts too many myspace bulletins, and forget the real stuff that needs thinking about.


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My First Blog - And the most worthwhile thing to look
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